Heatstroke Prevention

Support Heatstroke Prevention PSAs

The Heatstroke Prevention OOH inventory reminds families of the dangers associated with leaving a child in a car and encourages them to always Check the Backseat. Parked cars get hot, fast – and can be deadly. A child’s body temperature rises 3-5 times faster than an adult’s does, and even at temperatures as low as 60°F, a child that has been forgotten or left behind or gained access to a parked car can be at risk of heatstroke within minutes. OAAA is encouraging its members to post these PSAs throughout the summer months, when temperatures rise and the danger of heatstroke increases. Let us know how you participated in the digital OOH roadblock by sending your completed self-reporting form to AnalyzeThis@adcouncil.org

Share your Heatstroke OOH photos on social using the hashtag #CheckTheBackseat.

For more information, please contact at @oaaa.org

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